Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Feckless Adrian Schneider of Adrian Services in Vancouver, CA

On August 22, 2009 I hired Adrian Schneider of Syndicate Theory Labs Inc. in Vancouver, CA to code a 3 week project.  Adrian advised me that he was busy and could not put in more than 3 hours per day, but even so the project should not have taken more than 3 months.  I accepted the 3 hour per day terms.

Today is July 23, 2010, almost a full year after he accepted this project.  Adrian Schneider still has not delivered any working software.  He has blown off repeated self imposed deadlines ("I'll have it done this weekend").  Months ago he even had me buy a new server, saying "I'll be done very soon, buy the server."  I am now paying for that server every month even though I have no use for it until Adrian Schneider finishes this project.

Adrian Schneider often goes incommunicado.  During this time he simply stops answering his email or his phone and he does not return phone calls.  This can go on for weeks at a time.

When he is responding to my communications he makes promises that he does not keep.  I have come to believe that his word is worthless.  I don't believe anything he says.

A few weeks ago he said that he was unable to finish this project.  He offered to give me the half finished code.  He also wanted to keep all monies paid to him to date.  I refused, explaining that half finished code is worthless.  I demanded a full refund of all monies paid.  He did not reply.  He still has my money.

You have been warned.

As of today, Mar 11, 2013, he still has my money.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Domaining: How to make money buying and selling domain names

Domaining is one of the lowest risk internet ventures you can do.  The biggest risk is that you will register a lousy domain, but your loss is limited to the registration fees so the risk is very low.

When I hear a common phrase I check to see if the .com is registered.  If it isn't, I register it.  Simple.

Of course, not all phrases are worth something.  The phrase needs to be in common use, or catchy.  Shorter is better.  .com only, I would not buy a .net, .org, etc.  Avoid hyphenated domains.

I very rarely buy a domain that is already owned by someone else for the simple reason that they are usually overpriced so there is no room for profit on resale.

Selling domains is difficult.  Domains are not a liquid investment.  You usually must hang on to a domain until the right buyer approaches you, so don't count on fast cash.

Some domains I have for sale include,,,, and others.