Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reddit open-source software

I toyed with the idea of using reddit's open-source software to power a site.  Stopped after reading this guy's rant about it.  

I had the same problem using vBulletin: a constant stream of published exploits that needed to be patched.  Every patch consuming time and money to migrate my customizations to the new code.  (A stock site would be fairly simple to update.)  I look forward to google providing a hosted discussion board product.  Even if I can't mod it at least it'll be free and hosted.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Domaining: How to make money buying and selling domain names

Domaining is one of the lowest risk internet ventures you can do.  The biggest risk is that you will register a lousy domain, but your loss is limited to the registration fees so the risk is very low.

When I hear a common phrase I check to see if the .com is registered.  If it isn't, I register it.  Simple.

Of course, not all phrases are worth something.  The phrase needs to be in common use, or catchy.  Shorter is better.  .com only, I would not buy a .net, .org, etc.  Avoid hyphenated domains.

I very rarely buy a domain that is already owned by someone else for the simple reason that they are usually overpriced so there is no room for profit on resale.

Selling domains is difficult.  Domains are not a liquid investment.  You usually must hang on to a domain until the right buyer approaches you, so don't count on fast cash.

Some domains I have for sale include,,,, and others.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blogger vs Wordpress

I've used both Wordpress and Blogger.  After trying both I can't understand why anyone uses Wordpress.  Advantages of Blogger over Wordpress are:

  • Blogger software is updated by Google.  Updates are transparent, you often won't know the software's been updated.  Wordpress requires you to update the software on your server every few weeks.  Failure to update the software can expose your server to hackers so it is critical to keep up with the revisions.  Further, if you customize the Wordpress code you will have to migrate the custom code from the old version to the new version.  What a hassle!  This is the #1 reason I prefer Blogger.
  • Blogger is hosted free by Google.  Hosting is expensive and most blogs don't make much money, so this is important.
  • Layout control is excellent with both software packages.  
  • Blogger is a Google product so your content is indexed by Google much faster than if you use Wordpress.
  • Blogger is fully integrated with Adwords so monetizing your blog is quicker and easier than with Wordpress.