Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blogger vs Wordpress

I've used both Wordpress and Blogger.  After trying both I can't understand why anyone uses Wordpress.  Advantages of Blogger over Wordpress are:

  • Blogger software is updated by Google.  Updates are transparent, you often won't know the software's been updated.  Wordpress requires you to update the software on your server every few weeks.  Failure to update the software can expose your server to hackers so it is critical to keep up with the revisions.  Further, if you customize the Wordpress code you will have to migrate the custom code from the old version to the new version.  What a hassle!  This is the #1 reason I prefer Blogger.
  • Blogger is hosted free by Google.  Hosting is expensive and most blogs don't make much money, so this is important.
  • Layout control is excellent with both software packages.  
  • Blogger is a Google product so your content is indexed by Google much faster than if you use Wordpress.
  • Blogger is fully integrated with Adwords so monetizing your blog is quicker and easier than with Wordpress.


  1. I love Blogger than Wordprees,every time I search anything, I find a lot more blogger blogs than Wordpress blogs. I mean not just from google search but even from yahoo or bing ! So I think Blogger blogs are indexed more than wordpress blogs..just maybe.

  2. I also use blogger and really enjoy, and I never made a wordpress account as well but in the end I left, so I agree with your opinion

  3. I have a long time WordPress blog. Does anyone know if I can transfer my content from Wordpress to Blogger? I would hate to loose my content.

  4. I'd check reddit.com. You can ask the community a question, too. http://www.reddit.com/r/blogger/